New retreats – Retreat yourself
New retreats – Retreat yourself

New retreats: Let’s retreat yourself

We are very proud to present to you our renewed retreat packages! Based on our customer reviews and past experiences, we developed some new retreats and adjusted the exsisting ones. All the retreats can be booked for 4 days or 7 days and you can “spice up” your retreats with many extra activities. We would like to introduce them to you:

1. Emotional healing & yoga retreat (4 or 7 days)
The aim of this retreat is to make you reconnect with your inner self again, to reduce stress and to help you with some emotional healing. In the end everybody is suffering from stress or is dealing with some unresolved issues, there’s nothing new in that and defenitely nothing to be a shamed about. But, wouldn’t it be lovely to work on that, while enjoying the beauty of the island, eating healthy food and excersising a little bit?
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Transformation retreat
2. Mindful hiking & yoga retreat
Walking around on Lanzarote is like walking on the moon! Surrounded by stunning nature, amazing views and endless paths to explore. This retreats main focus is on “mindful hiking”. We belief that hiking and being outdoors can help you to clear your head, while being physical active. By adding a little more awareness to the hiking experience, it will bring you even more benefits for both body and mind. This retreat is all about mindful hiking combined with yoga, healthy food and of course also enough time to explore the island and relax.
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Transformation retreat
3. Surfing, yoga & hiking retreat (4 or 7 days)
Lanzarote is a great island for surfing: it has great surf beaches, amazing waves, good weather conditions and that’s why it’s often called the “Hawaii of Europe”. Good waves can be found all year round and we offer surfing lessons for all levels. Lessons will take place in Famara which offers one of the best surfing spots on the island. We believe that combining yoga with surfing is very effective and engaging in both can have a harmonious effect on the body.
4. The transformation retreat (4 or 7 days)
The retreat is all about deep cleansing, holistic healing and self-exploration; we combine a wide variety of treatments and activities which will help you to disconnect from your daily routine and connect with yourself again. This is the time for you to recharge your batteries and inspire you with confidence to create life as you want it to be.

A retreat of a few days in Lanzarote will help you feel isolated from everything, to leave the past where it is, in the past. We would love to welcome you at Kalindi! Let´s retreat yourself!

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