Mindful hiking & yoga retreat

Hiking retreat

Mindful hiking & yoga retreat (4 or 7 days)
Walking around on Lanzarote is like walking on the moon! You will be surrounded by stunning nature, amazing views and endless paths to explore. The main focus of this retreat is “mindful hiking”. We believe that hiking can help you to clear your head as you are being physically active whilst immersing yourself in nature. By adding a little more awareness of the hiking experience, it will bring you even more benefits to both body and mind. When consciously engaging all of your senses while hiking, it will calm you, ground you and deepen your connection to nature. The mindful hiking retreat is combined with yoga and healthy food; there will, of course, be plenty of time to explore the island and relax.

7 day package:
– 6 nights in a private room
– 6 healthy breakfasts (incl. detox package)
– Daily morning yoga sessions (different styles)
– 2-afternoon yoga sessions
– Painting meditation
– 3 days of mindful hiking excursions (3 hours each)
–  Deep tissue massage (1.5 hours)

1 person: from € 672,-
2 persons: from € 954,- (twin or double room)

4 day package:
– 3 nights in a private room
– 3 healthy breakfasts
– Daily morning session yoga (different styles)
– 2 days of mindful hiking excursions (3 hours each)
– 1,5 hour of deep tissue massage

1 person: from € 369,-
2 persons: from € 519,- (twin or double room)

Spice up your retreat
During your stay, you will find a lot of free time to explore Lanzarote, read books in our hammocks or relax on the beach. We also offer a lot of extra activities which you can add to your retreat; this way you can create your own unique package. You can add as many extra activities as you like: you know best what you need. Please contact us if you’d like to check the availability and secure a booking in advance. You can also enquire once you arrive at Kalindi.

Some of the extra activities you can add to your retreat:

 – 3 hours of surfing lessons  – € 39,- p.p.
– 5 hours of surfing lessons – € 55,- p.p.
– 2 hours of supping – € 60,- p.p.
– Stress-reduction therapy – € 65,- p.p.

– Energetic conflict resolution therapy – € 65,- p.p.
– Extra massage treatments – € 35,- – € 65,- p.p.
– Private yoga class – € 30,- p.p.
– Extra nights – from € 55,- per night

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