Surfing, yoga & hiking retreat

Surfing & yoga retreat

Surfing, yoga & hiking retreat (4 or 7 days)
Lanzarote is a great island for surfing: it has great surf beaches, amazing waves, good weather conditions and that’s why it’s often called the “Hawaii of Europe”. Good waves can be found all year round and we offer surfing lessons for all levels. Lessons will take place in Famara which offers one of the best surfing spots on the island. We believe that combining yoga with surfing is very effective and engaging in both can have a harmonious effect on the body. By practicing yoga you’ll work on creating focus, learning to utilize the breath efficiently and strengthening your body; all of which will contribute to you catching the best waves on your surfboard.

In this retreat you will start your day with a refreshing yoga session, after which a healthy breakfast will be served and at 10AM you will be picked up to have your surfing lessons. All surfing lessons include insurance, use of materials and a picnic. So if are you looking for a great surfing experience together with a week of clearing your mind, strengthening your body as well as relaxing, then this is the perfect retreat for you!

7 day package:
– 6 nights in a private room
– Daily healthy breakfast
– Daily morning session yoga (different styles)
– 3 days 5 hours surfing (incl. picknick & pick up)
– 1,5 hour deep tissue massage
– 3 hours mindful hike

1 person:
– from May – September:  € 609,-
– from October – April: € 670,-
2 persons: (share twin or double room)
– from May – September: € 970,-
– from October – April: € 1.030,-

4 day package:
– 3 nights in a private room
– Daily healthy breakfast
– Daily morning yoga sessions (different styles)
– 2 x 5 hours of surfing lessons (incl. pick up and picknick)
– 1,5 hour deep tissue massage

1 person:
– from May – September:  € 340,-
– from October – April: € 370,-
2 persons: (share twin or double room)
– from May – September: € 575,-
– from October – April: € 605,-

Surfing retreat

Spice up your retreat
You will find a lot of free time during your stay to explore the island, read books in our hammocks or relax on the beach. We also offer a lot of extra activities which you can add to your retreat; this way you can create your own unique package. You can add as many extra activities as you like: you know best what you need. Please contact us if you’d to check the availability and secure a booking in advance. You can also enquire once you arrive to Kalindi.

Extra activities you can add to your retreat:

– Private yoga classes  – € 30,- p.p.
– Energetic emotional healing therapy – € 65,- p.p.
– 2 hours of supping: – € 60,- p.p.
– 2 hours of windsurfing – € 50,- p.p.

– 3 hours of kayaking – € 55,- p.p.
– Extra massage treatments – € 35,- / € 65,- p.p.
– Mindful hike (3 hours)  – € 55,- p.p.
– Extra nights – from € 55,- per night

Surfing & Yoga retreat

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