10 Things You Can’t Miss in Lanzarote

Planning a holiday to Lanzarote? Take a look at our top ten things to do while you’re here… 1. Timanfaya National Park This national park’s landscape looks like something you’d expect to find Dr Who stumbling about on. It’s dusty, bleak and covered with volcanic ridges and rocks. But this isn’t the setting of a BBC sci-fi programme. It’s what was left behind after the Montañas del Fuego – a group of more than 100 volcanoes – let rip in the 1730s. It’s also Lanzarote’s number one attraction. 2. Cesar Manrique Foundation Lanzarote’s famous artist, Cesar Manrique, was a man who knew how to play scratch cards and led by example. He didn’t just lobby for strict planning rules in Lanzarote, but he built his house following his guidelines, too. His home is now a museum run by the Cesar Manrique Foundation. From the front, it looks like any other whitewashed Canarian house, but step inside, and you’ll find futuristic rooms tucked into volcanic caves 3. Rancho Texas Park Dig out your cowboy hat for a day out at Lanzarote’s biggest theme park, Rancho Texas Park. The whole place is themed around the Wild West, and activities like pony rides, canoeing […]

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