Yoga Holiday in Lanzarote
Yoga en Lanzarote
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Yoga Holiday in Lanzarote

Yoga Holiday in Lanzarote

Why Yoga Holiday in Lanzarote? Well, after discovering yoga, ayurveda, and his whole philosophy on our trip to India, we wanted to share here in Lanzarote this way of understanding and practicing these disciplines, obviously adapted to our space and our time. We offer a mix of hata yoga, vinyasa yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, and different types of meditation, something unique in Lanzarote in a hostel or cottage.



Yoga in Lanzarote

YOGA Holiday in Lanzarote

Kalindi then becomes an ideal place for a retreat, disconnect and reconnect through practice and rest, nature, silence place and of course, sharing as well with other guests with the same mentality or looking for this lifestyle. Roy shares each morning in the yoga studio Kalindi a practice where you can discover the benefits of yoga, a gentle and harmonious, as well as meditation and conscious breathing.

The yoga that’s practiced in Kalindi is adapted to the level and needs of the customers we have. Normally the level is beginner, also helping who has never done yoga venturing you to try how it feels. When attendees have a higher level exercises more demanding asanas techniques are also added. In any case, the goal of yoga sessions are basically that Kalindi’s customers feel the best as possible after a class so they can make the most of their vacation.

Yoga Holiday In Lanzarote

Destine to do 45 minutes of yoga and / or meditation 6 days a week, only something in Lanzarote, it is a free service for our guests. After yoga we serve the breakfast, and the customer is ready to start the day with the best energy to explore the secrets of the volcanic Lanzarote.

There are many alternative activities you can do while staying in Kalindi rural house. Some of them are mentioned below :

  • Take Yoga/Stretching Classes
  • Do Meditation Sessions
  • Massage Sessions
  • Cooking workshops
  • Do Detox with Cactus
  • Take Mindful Hikes

and many more. Please visit our Daily Program, On request Sessions/Classes and our Special Retreats where you can find detailed information in each service that we offer.




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