Yoga Detox Retreat

What is Yoga Detox?

“Taking a 7-day yoga and detox retreat in Kalindi Lanzarote, feels as relaxing as a 3 weeks summer holiday”

The Yoga Detox Retreat is ideal for those looking to spend a few days of healthy and relaxing self-restoration. The aim is to give more time to yourself to feel better every day.

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The Cactus Detox Retreat


What is the Cactus Detox?
Cactus Detox is a cactus based body-mind detoxifying program. We combine: Cactus and other juice meals + yoga + massage + walking meditations…

The Cactus Detox is not a group retreat but a personalized one. Just email with the possible dates you could come and we will soon write you back with a customized program for you.

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The Mindful Hiking Retreat


NuevaimagenWhat is Mindful Hiking?
It’s a meaningful and special way to discover Lanzarote and disconnect from stressful life through nature in silent walking + mindfulness + earthing/grounding + stone balancing…

We allow yourself to be touched by its dramatic nature and connect with the magnificent volcanic landscape that will transport you to an endless lapse time.

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The Couples Tantra Retreat


What is Couples Tantra?

Coming soon…

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