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Kalindi groups – We welcome groups with open arms, organising and hosting thrilling holistic and artistic events, providing meals and complementary services (transportation, tourist guiding, group activities et cetera). With a quiet and calm surrounding, that is still very near to all the major sights and beaches, we can host up to 14 people enabling them to enjoy our yoga studio, welcoming hosts and a beautiful garden.

Guest Reviews (groups) 

Me and my partner, we spend 5 days in this beautiful villa and it was very romantic,relaxing with a very entertaining and nice people, which also helped us to explore the island . The house was always tidy and we had no problems with communication.

Kalindi es un lugar diferente a los demás. El paisaje que lo rodea es espectacular, envuelto de calma y tranquilidad. Los dueños de la casa, Noemí y Roger, son senzillamente geniales, muy amables y grandes conocedores de los rincones más bellos de la isla.
Las habitaciones, el comedor, la sala para practicar yoga, la rueda de meditación, la hamaca de debajo del árbol, el patio exterior.. todos los espacios que conforman la casa están una perfecta harmonía
Y a todo esto falta añadir el hecho de poder conocer gente interesante de alrededor del mundo… Vale la pena descubrirlo!

Nohemi and Roy are the loveliest people you could ever meet.
It is so relaxed there and so very quiet.
Staying there becomes like your home and connecting with Lanzarote.
Caroline and I we had the most amazing introduction to Lanzarote from the starting place of Kalindi.
Very helpful volunteering staff at Kalindi and friendly guests meeting during your stay.
As Nohemi & Roy say: “Live Life, Love Lanzarote”…
Caroline & I say please stay here in Kalindi live the life and share in this unique experience.

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